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Operation ReachBack, Inc. – Portland Chapter has adopted Living Testimony, a charitable organization located in Machakos, Kenya dedicated to the care and education of children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  

In addition to providing for the educational needs of the children, Living Testimony serves breakfast daily to over 400 hungry children.  Recently, a number of distressing environmental factors have proven to threaten the children.  First, extreme drought conditions have caused water to be even more scarce.  Secondly,  the cost of milk and the cost of food in general has more than doubled in price within the last 30 days.

Your charitable donation will immediately help to house, feed and clothe orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

Ultimately, our primary goal is to impact the children’s lives for their highest benefit with the provision of care through education, housing,  food, clothing, medical assistance, love, and nurturing their dreams to reality.

Together we can give hope and change a life.  Every contribution counts and it is tax deductible. Please help, donate today. Thank you!

Operation ReachBack, Inc. is an organization of Seventh-day Adventist dedicated to the holistic enhancement of black communities, including selected communities in Africa.

get involved today

We at LTO invite you to join us in the promotion of

education as a fundamental human right. We provide

different avenues through which individuals and /or

groups can take part in making a difference in the

lives of needy children.


  • Make a donation
  • Sponsor a child
  • Volunteer
  • Honor a special person
  • Help fund-raise for this noble work

For opportunities to donate funds or resources,


Living Testimony Organization

C/O Elijah Katama



inspire the world

Excellence and meritocracy: we ensure that

quality informs all we do though engaging with persons of merit, who are committed to excellence.

We aim at improving ourselves as individuals, and as

a team, so as to maintain the highest standards of competence and quality in our services delivery.


Respect: we value each person be  they staff, board or volunteers, parents, beneficiary,

irrespective of gender, race and /or ethnicity. We value the personal strengths, attributes and ideas

for all.


Passion: our voluntary team is driven by

personal commitment and dedication to making a difference

in the would.

integrity- we adhere to the highest moral and

ethical standards in the discharge of our mandate,

including transparency and accountability in all aspects of our work.

Results: we work with our board, staff ,

volunteers and partners to achieve our goals and

deliver positive change in the lives of individuals

and communities associated with our organization.